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Brostfest 2019
Maddie - 11/28/2018

Hello Family!

I wanted to let everyone know that Brostfest 2019 is still on for the first week of October (Oct 4-6). I know that there is a special family gathering a month prior (Lindsey is getting married...hopefully we get invited), but I want to stick with that date and set it in stone for future years.

I want to get an idea of numbers so that I can look at options of where to stay, it will likely be in North/Central Wisconsin. Please send me an email ( with whether you think you will be able to make it and whether or not you will be bringing your kids - I don't need a definite answer, I'm just looking for a general idea of numbers. Kids are welcome to come, but i will not be planning kid-central activities - you may have more fun leaving them at home. I will leave that up to each family to decide. I don't want anyone to miss because they cannot find childcare! :)

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