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BrostFest 2017*****
Lindsey Brost - 6/21/2017

I can't seem to do anything right, but how about October 6-8th?
Re: BrostFest 2017*****
Cathy - 6/21/2017

Love it!
Re: BrostFest 2017*****
Lindsey - 6/27/2017

Okay, apparently Darren Izdepski is getting married the weekend of October 6-8.... So, now I am tossing out what works for me and you all can give me a little feedback ..... the following are options that would work for me to actually plan the event:
September 22-24
October 20-22
October 27-29
November 10-12

Any thoughts? I promise to pick one and just go with it if no one has any major objections, but I want to hear from the "people" since this is for the "people" :)


<3 Linds
Re: BrostFest 2017*****
Lindsey - 7/10/2017

Okay, the date is officially going to be set for October 20-22!!!! I did not receive any issues with that date (at least that I remember!). Please mark your calendars! I am still trying to figure out where :) I shall do my best to make it one heck of a shindig! More info to come!
Re: BrostFest 2017*****
Cathy - 7/11/2017

All fun and a great way to celebrate Aunt Mary's Birthday!
Re: BrostFest 2017*****
Family - 9/3/2017

Lindsey, any details on where we should be making reservations?
Re: BrostFest 2017*****
Lindsey Brost - 9/3/2017

Update my family :) I was hearing from multiple people they wished BrostFest was in the winter or spring time again. Sooooo we are trying something different this year. On October 21 I thought it would be fun to just do a one day event of bowling in a centralish location. I was thinking marshfield. And that way you aren't tied down for the whole weekend and could get hotels if you wanted to. Then in 2018 I think Bennet is going to try and plan a whole weekend sometime in January-March for adults. I haven't called to reserve any lanes at this point :)
Re: BrostFest 2017*****
Lindsey Brost - 9/30/2017

Hello everyone! Thank you for being patient with my as I schedule everything for BrostFest 2017! The plan is bowling at Rose Bowl in Marshfield at 2 pm on October 21. Following bowling, we will be heading to Blue Heron Brew Hub for dinner at 6. We will be having a taco bar, desserts and cash bar available :) if we have time I will have some games prepared for us :) I think we have the room until 9 or 10 :)
Re: BrostFest 2017*****
Lindsey Brost - 10/7/2017

Heeeeey! Just wanted to let everyone know that Mary is opening her home to us to have lunch on October 21st starting at 11:30 :) also, I will need a final count of people by next weekend :) THANKS!!!! Can't wait!
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